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Casa Milagro is a home that provides a safe haven for six to eight at-risk girls who might otherwise have a dismal future. The goal of Casa Milagro is to form these girls in a family environment built on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. They learn to pray and work, and they receive an education. If they persevere then they may be given the opportunity to go to a University to study. The hope is that they are able to become professional Catholic women who can choose whatever vocation God calls them to freely.

Casa Milagro fills a gap in the society for girls who are too old to enter any of the orphanages around the country and yet too young to be on their own. Each of the girls had no recourse other than to live on the streets, or in physically and psychologically dangerous situations at the homes in which they were raised. The house is run by an experienced house mom. They eat meals together for a set minimum time. The girls share responsibilities around the house. They go to school together and to Mass. They even have a dress code. They are required to participate in the faith formation programs run by our lay missioner friends, the Missioners of Christ. The girls also give a few hours a week of service work and they are required to meet regularly with the guidance counselor and a psychologist to help them deal with some of their past and to set them on a good footing for the future. It is a pact schedule, but each of the girls takes the opportunity at Casa Milagro very seriously. They know that they have been given a chance that most will never get. They also know that they can leave at any time freely.

It really is marvelous to see these young ladies brighten up as they begin to have the hope of a real future often for the first time. From the outside, this little house doesn’t look much different than the others on the street, but what is happening within is very different. A few young lives are being transformed and given a chance to grow in healthy soil. They are coming to know the Lord, being formed humanly and getting through school. 

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