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“Is this not the fasting I desire… to shelter the homeless poor?” Is 58:6,7

Starting with our initial visit to Honduras in the summer of 1999, we began to assist families who had lost or suffered damage to their homes as a result of Hurricane Mitch. Initially we helped about 50 indigenous families in the Chinacla and Guajiquiro regions of the department of La Paz construct or repair their homes. Shortly after establishing our permanent presence in Comayagua in June of the Jubilee Year 2000, the Friars were approached by the local pastor with a request for housing assistance for the poorest mountain community attached to his parish: Los Planes del Horno, a three hour’s difficult drive from the friary.

With the generous financial support of a
US benefactor, and with the collaboration of Caritas of the Diocese of Comayagua, 66 new homes with cement floors and sheet metal roofs (airlifted into the village by US military helicopters) were constructed over the course of two years. The following year, 2003, the Friars worked with Caritas again to install a fresh water system for a newly constructed mountain village of families relocated after Hurricane Mitch.


Closer to home, we have helped several of our poor neighbors buy or build their own homes. We rent houses for a few other families.These are normally exceptional cases involving family members with physical or mental disabilities.


Many other families have been helped with home improvements such as new roofs, doors and windows, water connections and outhouses, as well as occasional rent assistance.


With the help of our benefactors we have also been able to help construct, complete or improve of several Catholic chapels in remote villages, providing our brothers and sisters there with a place to meet regularly to hear the Word of God, pray, catechize and – when their parish priest is able to make the trip – celebrate Mass and the Sacraments of Baptism, Confession, Confirmation and Matrimony. Having a dignified chapel is crucial for maintaining the identity, faith and strength of these fledgling Catholic communities.




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