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“Listen, sons of the Lord and my brothers, pay attention to my words. Incline the ear of your heart and obey the voice of the Son of God…For this reason He has sent you into the whole world: that you may bear witness to His voice in word and deed and bring everyone to know that there is no one who is all powerful except Him.”

Fr Juan Diego
Fr. Juan Diego visits with an elderly neighbor.

St. Francis of Assisi, A Letter to the Entire Order, nn. 5-6, 9

In accord with the example of the early Capuchins, the two major focal points of our CFR apostolates are direct material service of the very poor and evangelization. Or, in other words, the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. We do not administer parishes or schools, but instead engage in extra-parochial forms of apostolic service that are meant to complement the normal Catholic life and diocesan priestly ministry of the parish.


In Honduras we give particular emphasis to efforts to alleviate the suffering caused by the extreme poverty that characterizes the lives of so many of our neighbors. We also carry out activities for the specific purpose of proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ and His saving Word, the faith and life of the Church, and treasure of the Sacraments – especially the Holy Eucharist and Confession.


For us, there is no strict distinction between these two elements. Proclaiming the Gospel and living the Gospel are both indispensable elements of authentic Christianity. In this way, by word and deed, we endeavor to ensure that “the good news is proclaimed to the poor” (Mt 11:5).




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