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Honduras is located on the Central American isthmus (or land bridge) that connects southern Mexico, which is actually the lowest part of North America, with Panama and Columbia, the upper part of South America. Honduras is one of the five original Central American countries that also include Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.


Honduras is located on the “elbow” of the isthmus where it bends East and then South. It is roughly the shape of an upside-down triangle, with a long Caribbean coastline forming its northern border, and a small strip of land that touches the Pacific Ocean in the South.


The large coastal plains in the north, and a few flat and spacious valleys (the largest of which is the valley of Comayagua), stand in contrast to the generally mountainous terrain..

The climate ranges from cool in the mountains, to very hot and humid on the northern and southern coasts. Honduras is home to a variety of ecological environments. There are cloud forests, rain forests and pine forests; river valleys, waterfalls and inland lakes; tropical islands, cays and reef systems. The scenery is breathtaking. The total area of the country measures 112,090 sq km (= ~ 43,278 sq mi), roughly the size of Tennessee or England.




Franciscan Friars of the Renewal
Convento San Serafin
Apartado 331
Colonia Francisco Morazan
Comayagua, Honduras
Central America